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Main Features

  • Over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing of steel boilers, combined with the know-how of constructing flame tube boilers, lead to the design of these medium capacity boilers. Designed for an operating pressure of 5 bars and maximum boiler temperature of 110oC, as per DIN4751/2 (German Industrial Standard) and BS 855 (British Standard).
  • The layout, with 3 indirect operating draft ducts and flame reversal, meets all characteristics of oil burners, resulting in an extremely clean combustion and providing an efficiency over 87%. The cylindrical shape of the flame and the smoke pipes allows high loads of heat transfer. The large boiler door is hinged on both sides and facilitates easy cleaning of the boiler.
  • Easy to use Electrical Control Panel that would locates any boiler malfunction. The Control Panel is fitted with a Thermostat, Temperature Gauge, Limit Thermostat, Fault Lamps, Switches, … etc.
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  • All boilers are insulated with layer of 2" Rockwool and covered with plastic coated cladding. The built in panel is completely wired and contains all instrumentation for single and dual stage operating in a neat protective box.
  • The boilers are designed for easy Cleaning and Mainte-nance. Access to the boilers’ insides is simply achieved by loosening two nuts on the front door. The door can then be opened left or right for convenience.
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