Metal Industries Co. (Metalco), an ISO 9002 certified company, was established in 1965, as the first  Jordanian  manufacturing company  in the  field of Hot Water  Boiler and  Radiators. In 1975, Metalco obtained a license from  Kunzel – Germany, to  further  develop  and  produce its  Hot Water  Boilers. In  addition, Metalco also obtained a license to produce Central Heating Radiators from Runtal–Switzerland.

After  over  33  years of long experience, and being  always on top of all forms of new scientific
improvement  and  technical developments, our research and development  teams  were able to
further  improve our production of  hot water  boilers to a more  practical and  higher  efficiency
Hot  Water  Boilers, while maintaining the superior quality and designs that  Metalco associate
its name with. These new  Hot  water  Boilers and Burners were given a new brand name "Kinz"
which  translates  to  the  word  "Treasure".

For  the  purpose of  satisfying all types of worldly clients, Metalco  now  produces two types of
Hot Water Boilers; Steel Boilers and Cast  Iron  Boilers. Between  those  two  types, capacities
that  range  from  30,000 Kcal/hr.  up to 2,240,000 Kcal/hr. are encompassed.

In 1994,  Metalco  has  crowned  its  operations  in  Jordan, by  obtaining a license  to  produce
Steam  Boilers  from   Philipp LOOS  GmbH  (a renowned German of producer of Steam Boilers that
was established in 1865, and  has  produced  and  sold  over  28,000 units  of  Steam Boilers
World-Wide),  This  license  gives  Metalco the right to produce  and sell its own manufactured
"Philipp Loos Steam Boilers" all across the Middle East, Arabian Gulf, and  North  Africa.

Metalco, now being the leader in its field, has these Steam  Boilers manufactured and constructed  in complete accordance with the exact Modern  Designs, Materials, Standards and Specifications set by Philipp   LOOS    GmbH – Germany which, in - turn, are approved   by   the German   Standards and Specification   Authority  (TUV)  and   in    full   accordance  with  the German   Technical   Rules for Steam Boiler  (TRD).  Furthermore, Metalco produces and supplies all the parts and accessories that accompany our Steam Boilers, such as: Water Feed  Pumps, Burners, Feed Condensate Tanks, Blow Down  Tanks, Lab Coolers, …etc.

In addition, each  and  every  Boiler  we  produce is factory  operated and  subjected to an extensive examination  performed  by  our   Quality   Control   department   for   construction, material testing, and pressure  testing .  And  in  order  to  further   insure   and   guarantee   the quality of our Steam Boilers,  Metalco has an ongoing  agreement  with the "Renewable Energy Research Center" of The Royal Scientific Society – Jordan, to conduct the following Calibrations, Tests, and Services:

 .  Visual  Inspection
 .  Industrial Radiography
     for  all  welding   points

 .  Ultrasonic  Inspection
 .  Dye Penetrant Inspection
 .  Hydrostatic Pressure Test.