We at Metalco do not spare the means or the efforts when it comes to assuring Safety and
Control  Measures in  our  Steam  Boilers. Control, Operation  and  Safety  equipment and
devices  are chosen in accordance to top European standards and specifications that would
insure  the  highest  levels of  Safety and  Security  when operating our Steam Boilers, and
maintaining  boilers  operation  efficiency  at  their  maximum.

    Below   are  a  summary  of  these  safety  and  control  instrument :

    "Water Level Regulator and Limiter"
The  Boiler is  fitted with two upper  submerging  Devices that comprises
of two separate floaters as an extra water level safety and control device
that  operates  under  the  German  standard "DIN 40050". The "Water
Level Regulator" works on switching the pump on and/or off when water
level  reaches   the  normal  operating  level. This  device  also  works on
disengaging  and/or  shutting-off  the  Burner  when  water  level reaches
below  the  normal  operation  levels.
Further,  if  water  level  continues  dropping  below its normal levels, the
"The Water Level Limiter" will disconnect the electric power supply and
will  operated  the  alarm  bell  when  water  level  reaches  its   minimum.
This device is very accurate in measuring the boiler’s water level, for the
installed  floaters  in  this  device  are  surrounded by a special  tube  that
would maintain the correct water level and would  never subject the device
to  calcification  or  gather  floating  dirts like other  conventional devices.

"Pressure Regulator and Limiter"
Three pressure regulating devices are fitted-on in order to regulate and maintain the boiler’s pressure.

    The  first  device  works  on  controlling  the  operation of first stage of the  burner, while the
second controls  the  second  stage  of  the  burner. If the first and second devices should fail
to operate for any reason, the third  device will work on disconnecting the electric power supply
and  sounding the alarm  bell  when  pressure  level  increases.  Thus  maintaining   maximum
boiler  safety  and  control.

"Water Gauge with Valves and Reflection Glass"
This device will automatically shut-off the boiler once it detects any steam leakage through its
glass  and/or  valves. This  device  is  approved  by  the  German  Standard  and  specification
Control  and  Inspection   Authority   "TUV".

"Steam Valve"
The best  feature of this  valve is that it is a "Life Free Maintenance" valve. It never requires
maintenance or cleaning, since it is made of special metal ingots related to working with steam
(GG25, GGG)  according  to  the  German  specification  of "DIN 1691, 1693".

      "Blow Down Valve"
This is a quick open and shut valve "Quick Action Blow Down" that has a great impact on
maintaining the cleanliness of the boiler and preventing precipitation and calcification on it
base  through  the sudden  high  speed and  velocity of  the  discharged  water  coming  out.

"Safety Valve"
The safety  valves  used with our steam  boiler are of the best international "Spring Safety
Valves"  made  by  AD- Merkblattaz  that  are  approved  by  the  German  Standard  and
specification  Control  and  Inspection  Authority  "TUV".

"Feed Water System"
An internationally  well  known  brand system that comprises of a vertical multi-sage water
pump  that  can  withstand a high  temperature  of 106
oC, and  fitted  with all the necessary
valves  and  non-return  valves  approved  by  the TUV.

      "Electric Control Panel"
All of our  Steam Boilers are fitted a unique Control-Panel box which
insures that all equipment and Sequentially Controlled Program units
are in full automatic operation.  The boiler responds automatically,
instantly  and  efficiently  to  any  fluctuating  steam  demand  –  thus
economizing   the   fuel  consumption   at a  lowest  possible rate, and
exactly  proportionate  to  actual  steam  consumption.
      The Control Panel contains all the electric switches and panels necessary for operating, controlling, and quickly locate any malfunctions, in addition to other special control keys and switches necessary needed to conduct  periodic  and  routine  check  and  maintenance on the boiler. All the electric switches, panels, and keys  are  from  well-known  international  brands, and the "Panel Box" is made in  accordance  to German standards  and  specs  "DIN VDE  Standard  0116".

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