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Main Features

  • Made of unbreakable Black Iron Steel.
  • Efficiency of combustion reaches over 92% due to its highly advanced technical design.
  • Manufactured in accordance with the British (BS855) and the German (DIN 4702) Standards.
  • Double Thermal Insulation to prevent heat loss for longer periods.
  • The High Efficiency guarantees fuel economy; Hence, lower operational cost.
  • The harmonized designs of the Combustion Chamber together with the effective Heat Exchanger insures fixed and constant regulated combustion process.
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  • Easy to use Electrical Control Panel that would locates any boiler malfunction.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.
  • Complete and ideal combustion which insures that CO2 emissions does not exceed 13.5%.
  • Percentage of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Excess Air are maintained at a very low point in order to increase boiler’s efficiency.
  • The usage of Turbulators in the smoke passes in order to reduce the temperature of exhaust gases to ideal levels. This is done through scattering and retarding the smoke inside the heat exchangers which, in turn, insures maximum utilization of the high temperature gases to heat the boiler’s water.
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