All  of our Steam Boilers are fitted with a unique
Control - Switch   box   which   insures   that   all
equipment  and Sequentially Controlled Program units are  in full  automatic  operation.
The boiler  responds  automatically,  instantly  and   efficiently  to  any  fluctuating  steam  
demand – thus economizing  the  fuel consumption  at a lowest  possible  rate, and  exactly
proportionate   to  actual   steam   consumption.



Metalco’s Steam Boilers are constructed in conjunction with the most sophisticated modern
designs that  are  approved  by  the  German  Boiler  Authorities  
(TUV), which  in  turn  is
designed  in  full accordance  with  the  German  Boiler  codes (TRD).

The  Steam Boilers  are  factory – assembled packaged units. All equipment – especially all
regulations  and  safeties – are  adjusted to our strictly  controlled testing stand, where each
and every boiler is factory operated and subjected to a complete inspection and examination
of Construction, Material Testing, and Pressure Testing by our Quality Control Department.

To top all the operational safety measures, the safety devices are provided in double:

  • Safety against overpressure in double
  • Low Water Cut-off in double
  • Water Gauge in double.



. Hinged  front  door  and  cleaning  holes  at the Boiler’s
   rear side allow easy and quick cleaning of smoke tubes.
. Burner  on  hinges,  providing  easy  access  to  ignition
   electrodes,   nozzle  assembly   and   combustion   head.
. Manhole   and   several    inspection-holes   that   allow
  closer  inspection and cleaning of  the boiler’s water side.
. Water  Level  Regulator and  Low  Water  Cut-off of the
   self-cleaning  type.

    . Special  Blow  Down  Valve – instantaneous  opening and automatic closing–to clean boiler of
  evaporation sediments.



. The boiler is a packaged unit, pre-assembled  to give a
   compact  ready - to - use  product.

. Special  foundations  are   not  required  as the boiler is
  completely  assembled   on a  base  frame.

. Chimney  draught  not required if the boiler  is equipped
   with  a  strong  air  blower.

. The Boiler’s Compact Design allows small dimensions of
   boiler room and transportation opening.