Metalco, now being the leader in its field, has these Steam Boilers  manufactured  and
   constructed  in  complete  accordance  with   the  exact  Modern  Designs,  Materials,
   Standards and Specifications set by
 Philipp Loos GmbH–Germany, a company that
   has over  than 130  years  experience  in  Boiler  Production,  and  are  approved  by  the
   German  Standards  and  Specification  Authority  (TUV)  and  in full accordance with the
   German Technical Rules for Steam Boiler (TRD).

  Our  boilers  are  built  with  high grade manufacturing precision that insures reliable and
   endurable  construction,  highest  economy, and  optimum  efficiency. They  are  made up
   of a Horizontal  Three-Pass-Wet-Back  Fire  Tube  System, using the best  quality  metal
   approved by the German "TUV" and "TRD" as shown in the table below :


Boiler Part

Metal Types


Specification Test


Steel H II

DIN 17155

DIN 50049/3.1B

Combustion Chamber

Steel 17Mn4

DIN 17155

DIN 50049/3.1A

Fire Tubes

St. 35.8

DIN 17175

DIN 50049/3.1B





      1 -  Steady Capacity and steady pressure even at fluctuating or intermittent loads due to
         sufficient water  and  steam  space.

  2 -  Eccentric position of flame tube effects natural circulation of boiler’s water.
  3 -  Fire tube of large diameters guarantees perfect combustion. Combustion Chamber of
         generous dimension to suit the various types of fuel.

  4 -  Highest exploitation of fuel by the smoke tubes of 2nd and 3rd pass. Efficiency of combustion
         up to 92%.

  5 -  Easy cleaning of smoke tunes by hinged door at the reversing chamber  in front and cleaning
         holes  in
 the rear reversing chamber and the smoke  outlet socket.
  6 -  Sight holes for flame observation on the front and rear side of the flame tube.
  7 -  Safety flap to avoid damage in event of a fuel-detonation.
  8 -  "Wet-back" boiler design with water-cooled reversing chamber and wet back flame tube
         bottom – avoiding sensible and wearing refractories.

  9 -  Manhole and several inspection holes for fast and easy inspection of  boiler’s  waterside.
10 -  High grade insulation with 100 mm of Rock Wool that minimizes heat losses. Exterior
         insulation jacket made from high quality galvanized steel sheets.

11 -  Steam drier, large evaporation surface and large steam space guarantee dry saturated steam.
12 -  Economic short heating-up period (average of 8 min.) that would minimize daily start-up time
         and cost.